Congrats, Racist Stripper, You're About to Be a YouTube Star!

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There are plenty of disturbing things about the video you're about to watch. The most obvious and shocking is the blatant racism on display, and the casual nature at which the woman in the video, clearly very upset, slings the word "n*gger" like it's nothing.

There's also the issue of the passerbys to consider–most of which decide that they aren't going to touch this situation with a 39 and a half-foot pole. That's fair, I guess–she be crazy. But you'd imagine that at least one person would stop and ask her to "chill the f*ck" out or something. Especially... front of her kids. This is probably the worst part of the whole video, which YouTube user IAMOYAB says was taken on May 30th.

"This happened to me last Friday May 30th 2014. I'm more upset that it was done in front of her children. They will have hate and have no idea where it came from," he says.

Well said.

Of course, it's also a painfully funny video in a way. Pay close attention to how she uses her profession (or former profession, who knows) to assert dominance in the "argument."

Clearly a class act. Lucky for her, millions of people are likely to see her classiness in action, as this video has climbed to the tip top of reddit and is racking up views.

Congrats on your newfound fame!

Image via IAMOYAB, YouTube

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