Confirmed: Chatting With Yourself At Age 12 Would Be Fairly Annoying

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In what must be the coolest version of a time capsule to hit the interwebs in quite some time, one actor and filmmaker has completed an interview with himself that he begun back in 1992, when he was 12 years old.

Twenty years ago, Jeremiah McDonald, aka weepingprophet on YouTube, recorded himself talking to his future self. Now, he has popped in the old VHS and made this awesome video that pits man against boy for a pretty trippy conversation.

McDonald is facing a little bit of skepticism on YouTube, as more than one person has asked about the child actor that portrays him in the video. McDonald stands by the fact that the kid is in fact a naive, 12-year-old version of himself.

Check it out below:

This gives me and idea. I'm not exactly sure what I would say to myself at age 50, though. I'm pretty sure that me in twenty-four years would hate the current me. Maybe that's how we all should strive to live our lives. Strive to make sure future you won't hate current you and vice versa. It may help to simply imagine the conversation the two of you would have, if it ever came to that.

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