Conan O'Brien Becomes A Wrestler In WWE 2K14

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Most of us aren't cut out to be wrestlers. We don't have the bulging biceps or the theatrics to pull it off. That's why the games are so appealing - we can become the wrestler we always wanted to be.

Conan O'Brien discovers this truth in the return of Clueless Gamer as he reviews WWE 2K14. This is the first game in the franchise to not be made by THQ since the publisher went under in early 2013. Unlike some other Clueless Gamer reviews, WWE 2K14 is not a new game. This review was seemingly made just for laughs as Conan encounters his in-game wrestling persona.

Perhaps the best part of this particular bit is that Conan's show can't pay for any of the licensed music in the game so they have the national anthem on loop while playing. There's nothing more American then dropkicking a guy in the face while the national anthem plays in the background.

If wrestling games are a little too new school for you, you should check out Conan's playthrough of some classic Atrari 2600 games, including E.T.

Image via Team Coco/YouTube

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