Complete Your Portal 2-Themed Android Phone With a Wheatley Live Wallpaper


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Were you one of the lucky few in the U.S. who were actually able to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S III yesterday? Can't get enough Portal? Why not create an entire Portal theme for your spiffy new Android phone? You can start with a new Live Wallpaper that puts Portal 2's Wheatley right in your smartphone's background.

The Wheatley Live Wallpaper sets the background of an Android phone (one running version 2.2 and up, at least) to the likeness of everyone's favorite dumb and insane personality core. Wheatley's eye will follow the user's finger around the screen as they navigate the Android home screens. Unfortunately, the wallpaper won't feature Stephen Merchant's voice or any witty banter. Users can, though, change the color of Wheatley's eye. Check out the short YouTube video below that demonstrates the wallpaper's functionality:

The Wheatley Live Wallpaper was created by a Malaysian developer named Wye Mun Chin. Chin has created other Live Wallpapers for Android, including one similar to the Wheatley Live Wallpaper based on the movie "The Ring" that has the ghost girl's eye follow the user around the screen. He has also created a game for the Android operating system called UFO Pew Pew. The Wheatley Live Wallpaper can be downloaded for $1 through the Google Play app store.

(via DroidLife)