Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Previewed in New Dev Diary

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Company of Heroes 2 will be released for PC next week, but that almost wasn't the case. The game was caught in the turmoil of the THQ bankruptcy late last year, being delayed along with other THQ games such as Metro: Last Light. In January, publishers had a feeding frenzy (auction) over the various THQ properties and studios, some of which will probably never return. Luckily for Company of Heroes fans, Sega picked up Relic Entertainment and allowed them to finish Company of Heroes 2.

Now, with the game only days away from release, Relic developers are detailing the game's multiplayer gameplay. The World War II real-time strategy game will pit players against each other on famous European battlefields. Commander "types" and progression trees shake up the traditional RTS gameplay, allowing players to customize their play style.

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