Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Teaser Revealed

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[UPDATE] The actual gameplay trailer has now been released. Watch it here.

Last we heard of Company of Heroes 2, the game had been delayed from the placeholder February 2013 release date to sometime in March 2013. A small setback, but fans of Company of Heroes seem to simply be overjoyed that the title is finally on the way.

Today, THQ released a teaser for the first full-length gameplay trailer for Company of Heroes 2. The video provides a small look at all of the military strategy action that players will jump into the middle of come march. The real gameplay trailer will debut on Wednesday, November 28 on G4's doomed Xplay. It'll hit the internet shortly thereafter, though, so if you don't have cable make sure to check back here on Thursday morning for a link to the full trailer.

Company of Heroes 2 moves the World War II strategy game to the eastern front, where players will take control of the Soviet Union's troops. When announcing the title back in May, THQ touted its improved graphics, new commander abilities, and new environmental destruction.

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