Colorado Man Involved in Real Life GTA Car Chase

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A Colorado man was recently involved in a 2-hour long car chase that resembled a real life depiction of a scene from the popular video game Grand Theft Auto. The incident began when Ryan Stone, 28, stole an SUV with a 4-year-old child inside at a Longmont gas station. An Amber Alert was issued, law enforcement quickly responded, and general mayhem ensued.

While eluding the authorities, Stone utilized the tried and true tactic of speeding into oncoming traffic, before ramming the stolen SUV into a minivan. He'd pulled the driver out of said van, switched vehicles, and then crossed the highway median, to where he began speeding into more oncoming traffic.

Police tried to throw down spike strips to end the pursuit, but the chase continued south along E470. Stone then rammed a silver sedan with the minivan, pulled the driver out of the car, and switched vehicles again. The woman driving the sedan tried to stop him, to ill avail.

Helicopter footage of the chase:

At 8:07 am, Stone T-boned another vehicle at the intersection of E. Lincoln Avenue and S. Peoria Street. The suspect tried to carjack another SUV, but the police were closing in, so he took off on foot. Stone ran to a nearby maintenance facility, but was unable to climb the fence behind the building. He was forced to surrender at around 8:10 am, bringing an end to a chase that spanned almost 100 miles.

Four-year-old Allen Chavarria-Rodriquez was found safe, though the Colorado State Patrol confirmed that trooper Bellamann Hee suffered serious injuries in the incident, while attempting to throw down spike strips during the E470 portion of the chase. Hee is expected to make a full recovery.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Tony Spurlock stated that Stone had multiple warrants out for his arrest in multiple jurisdictions, and is currently being held with official charges pending. Spurlock also confirmed that the three carjacking victims were unhurt.

Image via YouTube.

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