Colleen Ritzer Dead But Not Forgotten

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Colleen Ritzer, the beloved math teacher whose body was found in the woods near where she taught, lives on through the students and community she touched.

As details emerge about Philip Chism's alleged involvement in the murder, focus has been given to the tragic loss of life.

The intelligent, twenty-four-year-old Danvers High School teacher left encouraging messages through her Twitter account and was known for trying to make the discipline as fun and as exciting as possible.

Seventeen-year-old Christian Veatch was a senior in Ritzer's class and remembers how Colleen was able to bring fun into the classroom.

β€œShe’d just joke around. I loved her class. I hate math, but she made it fun," Veatch said.

Ritzer was known to spend time with her students where reports even claim that she had offered to help Philip Chism study for a test on the day of the murder.

β€œWe ended up talking out in the hall for like 20 minutes. I walked in the class feeling a lot better, more happy. I was ready to do my work. In 20 minutes, she totally changed my attitude. It was amazing,” Veatch said.


Mary Duffy of Andover, who is a neighbor of the Ritzer family, recently spoke with the Boston Herald about Colleen Ritzer.

"If every family had a daughter like Colleen Ritzer, it would be a wonderful world. She always wanted to teach math. Her mother, I believe, is probably a math whiz. She was a quiet, pleasant girl with many friends. She was just like the ideal daughter. She is. This family is a family of America, They are the ideal family, they are friendly, they are loving, close," Duffy said.

[Images Via R.I.P. Colleen Ritzer Facebook Page]

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