Colin Firth Spotted Filming 'The Secret Service'

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Colin Firth was spotted on Friday--along with Michael Caine--shooting scenes for the upcoming film, The Secret Service. His role is not at all what one might expect of Colin Firth

Firth plays the role of a top-notch British spy, Jack London. London is working to save the life of his nephew--played by Taron Egerton. He takes the young man under his wing in an attempt to prevent him from enmeshing himself with a dangerous crowd.

On Friday, Firth was spotted on set alongside Sir Michael Caine. Caine will portray the head of the British spy agency for which London works.

The Secret Service is based on the comic book written by Dave Gibbons of Kick-Ass fame, and illustrated by Mark Millar of Watchmen fame. Samuel L. Jackson play's the story's villain. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, rumor has it stars like Adele, David Beckham and Taylor Swift are set to make cameo appearances.

Twitter fans are abuzz about the news. After all--Colin Firth is still sexy, even when he plays a middle aged British spy--right? And the all-star cast is exciting as well.

The Secret Service isn't set to hit theaters until March of 2015. That means Colin Firth and the rest of the cast have a lot of work to do in the coming months. When this movie premieres, however, it will probably mean an Oscar nod for the handsome and incredibly talented actor.

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