Cody Simpson: Valedictorian of His Graduating Class

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Cody Simpson graduated from high school in Atlanta, Georgia last week, and the Australian singer was valedictorian of his graduating class. The Pretty Brown Eyes singer and recent contestant on Dancing With the Stars even gave an impressive commencement speech to his class.

Since Cody was still in school when he moved to the United States from Australia to pursue his singing career, he needed to be signed up with a local school in order for them to grade and log his class achievements and projects. While he didn't actually attend all of his classes at the school, he still was the highest ranked of all the students registered there.

Cody Simpson was excited to share his exciting news about graduating at the very top of his class with this Twitter followers. Right before he shared his valedictorian news he shared a few wise words about intelligence with those same fans.

Cody shared a photo of himself delivering his graduation speech via Instagram. He captioned the photo, "proud times! graduated high school as Valedictorian of my class today. finished high school at home administered through this lovely school here in the South, proud to have received the highest GPA of the school amidst this hectic lifestyle of mine. Anything can be accomplished if you open your mind!"

Simpson talked about balancing his work load with his education during the speech.

"Something that I've learned due to a lot of experiences of mine is that it is possible to finish high school amidst having a very busy schedule and amidst working relentlessly towards chasing my wildest dreams," he said.

Someone at the graduation ceremony shared pictures of Cody Simpson and his family members following his commencement speech and graduation.

Congratulations to Cody Simpson on graduating as class valedictorian. With the kind of schedule this young man keeps, he certainly had to work hard to achieve this kind of academic success.

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