Closing Olympic Ceremony Has Sense of Humor


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The 2014 Winter Olympics are coming to an end. While the opening ceremony was nearly a month ago, we still haven't gotten over the snowflake malfunction that had (and still has) everyone talking.

While the five snowflakes displayed at the opening ceremony were supposed to expand into the iconic Olympic rings, the final ring didn't quite manage the feat.

The first four snowflakes transformed into the rings while one snowflake didn’t morph leaving four large rings and one random snowflake suspended in the air at Fisht Stadium. This error was tweeted about and proclaimed one of the many #Sochiproblems of the Sochi Olympics.

It seems that Russia has quite the sense of humor, poking fun at the snowflake mishap in their closing ceremony that airs tonight.

**Spoiler Alert Ahead**

At the final ceremony, a group of dancers decked in silver sparkling outfits stood on the floor, moving to form a choreographed display of shapes. Eventually, the dancers moved to form the iconic Olympic rings.

While the first four groups merged beautifully into the four rings, the last group remained in a small circle, emulating the last snowflake at the opening ceremony that failed to successfully burst into the last ring.

Finally, the last ring did open up, competing the five Olympic rings.

You can watch the closing ceremony tonight at 8:30 pm on NBC.

Image Via YouTube