Cleaning Fairy Breaks In, Cleans, Leaves Bill

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In a bizarre story today out of Ohio, a family says a woman broke into their house, did some cleaning--washed dishes and took out the trash, among other things--and then left a bill on the kitchen table. The problem is, Sherry Bush says, she didn't hire her.

The woman, identified as Sue Warren, left her name, number and address in the note with a request for $75 for the job, which she did while Sherry's daughter was asleep upstairs. When a confused Sherry called Warren and asked if she'd maybe gotten the wrong address, Warren assured her she hadn't and said she did it all the time.

A search online for Sue Warren brought up a cleaning service site, so apparently she does it for a living...maybe when times got tough she decided not to take no for an answer and simply began cleaning against people's will. Unfortunately for her, that's against the law. She now faces felony burglary charges.

If a "cleaning fairy" trespassed and cleaned my house, she better not leave a bill.
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If only the cleaning fairy knew my address... I would have the BEST week EVER!3day weekend do a # on my house!
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My area, but sadly never my house. // Woman Breaks into Houses, Cleans and Leaves Bill via @OddityCentral
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