Cissy Houston Arrives at Bobbi Kristina Brown's Funeral

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Cissy Houston was spotted arriving at the funeral for her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown just a short time ago. Even though the funeral is invite-only, the paparazzi has been camped out on the street outside the St. James Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, awaiting the arrival of family members.

Escorted inside on the arm of a young man, Cissy Houston looked weary, as she prepared to say goodbye to her beloved granddaughter. It was just over three years ago when Cissy Houston endured similar pain with the untimely passing of her daughter and Bobbi Kristina's mother Whitney Houston.

Photos of pallbearers carrying Bobbi Kristina's casket inside the church, as well as family members hiding under large umbrellas to stay out of sight of the media have hit the internet this morning, too. Everyone wants a glimpse of the grief the Brown and Houston families are experiencing.

In addition to Cissy Houston, Bobby Brown was also spotted outside the church prior to Bobbi Kristina's funeral He wore a necklace bearing a photo of himself and Bobbi Kristina.

Both Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown attended a wake for Bobbi Kristina on Friday evening at the Murray Brothers Funeral Home in Atlanta. The Houston famiy had their last viewing of Bobbi Kristina while the Brown family waited in their cars. Once Cissy Houston and her family left the funeral home, the Brown family went inside for their last viewing.

Bobby Brown and Cissy Houston--along with Pat Houston--are no doubt grieving harder than the rest of the crowd attending Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral this morning, as they have spent the most time advocating for the 22-year-old since she was found unconscious at the end of January. Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend Nick Gordon hasn't been seen at the funeral thus far. It is expected that the Brown and Houston families held their ground and didn't allow him to attend, even though he begged the family in an email in recent days to allow him to see Bobbi Kristina one last time.

Following her rocky upbringing, the loss of her mother, her purported abuse at the hands of Nick Gordon, and her discovery in her bathtub back on January 31, it is surely everyone's prayer that Bobbi Kristina Brown can finally rest in peace.

Hopefully Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown find some semblance of that peace as well.

Bobby Kristina's body will be flown to New Jersey following Saturday's funeral. She will be buried next to Whitney Houston. Cissy Houston lives nearby and can visit the graves of both her daughter and granddaughter as she sees fit.

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