Circus Llama Stolen and Taken for a Tram Ride


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Yes, this is real life. A group of drunk teens in France DID in fact abduct a llama from the circus, posting numerous photos across Twitter (and other social media), and take that llama for a tram ride.


The llama was returned after they were arrested, and no harm was done to the llama, named Serge. After the leaving a club in Bordeaux, France, the group stole the llama, and took him through the streets. Eventually Serge ended up on the tram which prompted authorities. The circus director initially filed charges, but now that the heist brought some media attention, the charges have been dropped.

As if this story isn't bizarre enough, Serge is now going viral and increasingly famous; he has his own Tumblr page now.

A reunion was organized by the circus, Serge seems to be happy to see his comrades again, this time sober.

Images (via) Twitter @x_cappelaere