Chuck Norris Tops Van Damme with 'Epic Christmas Split'


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Anyone remember actor Jean-Claude Van Damme's epic split?  Quite impressive, right? Well, things just got a little more interesting! It appears Chuck Norris has taken it to a whole new level - or at least it looks that way. A new spoof video of Van Damme's Volvo Truck commercial has become the Internet's new viral wave.

NBC News reports that the video features a CGI-generated likeness of 73-year-old famed martial artist and actor, Chuck Norris doing the 'epic split' stunt. However, the computed copycat stunt equates to an 'epic split on steroids'.

The video, which has been coined 'The Epic Christmas Split' was created by Hungarian animation firm, Delov Digital. It features Norris' likeness and a voice-over from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

The video begins the same way as the original Volvo commercial, only with Norris' face in lieu of Van Damme's. But, as the camera slowly pulls back to reveal the broader scope, things take a major turn. The camera moves up to reveal cowboy boots on top of the generated image of Norris' cowboy hat.

As the booted legs become more visible, it's clear to see that the legs are those of paratroopers. As the camera continues to move, a team of 11 paratroopers are standing on top of Norris' head positioned in the shape of a Christmas tree. Their uniforms are illuminated with white LED lights, to give off the image of a lit Christmas tree.  However, the jaw-dropping part is that they're all in the sky.

The 'awe-factor' comes as the camera continues to draw back. Finally, the full image captures Norris standing between two airplanes. As the planes slowly move in opposite directions, there's the split. So, there you have it! Not only did Chuck Norris perform the epic split, he did it between two air-crafts in the sky with paratroopers on his head! Top that, Van Damme!

For those who missed it, Van Damme was featured in one of the latest Volvo Truck commercials. However, the trucks weren't the main attraction that drew viewers from around the world. It was Van Damme's impressive reincarnation of his ever-popular, epic split.

In the video, Van Damme performs the famous split between two moving Volvo Globetrotter trucks going in reverse. The jaw-dropping 60 second video ends with the caption, "It was carried out by professionals in a closed-off area." Translation: "Do NOT try this at home!"

The video, which was posted on YouTube by the Volvo Corporation back in November, has since gone viral, garnering more than 60 million views.

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Chuck Norris