Chrome Team Names Favorite Extensions


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Anyone who's still at a loss as to why they should try Chrome - or is using it, but feels a little adrift - may want to look at a new list Google's put into circulation.  The Chrome team has identified 19 apps that can make the browser much more useful.

Here's the list of apps in the order Google named them: Opinion Cloud, Google Voice, AutoPager, Turn Off the Lights, Google Dictionary, After the Deadline, Invisible Hand, Secbrowsing, Tineye, Slideshow, Google Docs/PDF Viewer, Readability, Chromed Bird, Feedsquares, ScribeFire, Note Anywhere, Instant Messaging Notifier, Remember the Milk, and

Google ChromeTogether, those options cover all sorts of contingencies.  Not that other apps might not fulfill the same functions for Firefox users, of course, but Google's list makes these apps easy to find, and the Chrome team's official endorsement counts for a lot with regards to quality.  It's possible Chrome will see an uptick in use as a result.

Certain developers should definitely see the installation rates of their apps increase, too, making this move a nice and unselfish gesture on Google's part.

Jonathan Rosenberg, a senior vice president product management, concluded on the Official Google Blog, "We're proud of the Chrome browser and the great extensions that its developer community has created, and we hope you enjoy them!"