Christy Mack Quiet; War Machine Fans Encouraged to Send Him Mail and Money in Jail

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Pornstar Christy Mack has not posted a tweet of her own since August 26, when she spoke about seeing a dental surgeon to have her teeth fixed. She has, however, replied to tweets and engaged people in direct messaging. Perhaps she had advice from attorneys to go quiet.

Ever since Mack was allegedly beaten by her ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter “War Machine” in what she characterizes as a jealous rage, and he calls “fighting for my life”, public opinion has been largely on her side.

War Machine now faces life in prison if convicted on the attempted murder charge he is facing.

Recent news about Ray Rice’s ouster from professional football over a video that allegedly shows him punching his wife in an elevator has further enflamed the conversation about domestic violence.

One of the toughest parts about discussing domestic violence is the tendency of people to ask questions of the victim, such as “Why didn’t you leave? Why would you stay around with him doing that to you?”

Victim’s advocates are quick to point out that such questioning implies that the victim bears some responsibility or blame for their beatings.

But supporters of War Machine take this to a far deeper level when discussing Christy Mack’s injuries. They outright accuse her of faking the severity of her injuries.

Even War Machine’s brother got in on the pile-on, reacting to the news that Christy Mack was up and about.

Other fans of War Machine are still claiming she faked her injuries.

Some have gotten War Machine’s mailing address in care of the detention facility that he is being held in and are sending money to his account so he can buy things from the jail. His brother is providing that information and asking fans and supporters to send mail and money.

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