Christy Mack Gets A Little Love From Her ‘Babies’ As She Heals From Vicious Attack

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After being brutally assaulted, Christy Mack is still recovering from the severe injuries she sustained, allegedly inflicted by her boyfriend, MMA fighter War Machine. She has been getting messages of support from all over the world, but on Saturday she shared how she was also being comforted by her dogs Swayzee and Cleo.

On Saturday, Mack posted on Twitter a side-by-side photo of her two pitbulls with notes around their necks. Each note said, “Hi Mom! Love u,” and was signed with the dogs’ names. The caption of the photo read, “Just received a wonderful message from my babies, I can’t wait to see my little sugars again.”

Mack is a big lover of dogs and pitbulls, and she told Dirty Diablos in a July 2012 interview how she has two to five pitbulls at her house at any given time.

The porn star needs all the help she can get to recover from her injuries, which include 18 broken bones in her face, missing and broken teeth, a fractured rib and severely ruptured liver. Gruesome details from the Las Vegas Police report of the attack have surfaced and reveal that War Machine had allegedly arrived at Mack’s residence at 1:30 AM, where he proceeded to beat up the person he found sleeping in bed with his ex-girlfriend. The report recounts that Mack had been asleep at the time next to former reality TV star Corey Thomas, who escaped the attack and called 911.

The report continues to allege that War Machine turned on Mack after Thomas left, forcing her to strip naked and repeatedly punching her. He then reportedly scanned her Instagram and Twitter accounts and punched her every time he “found something he did not like.” It also states that War Machine sexually abused her before she escaped through a back door while he was searching for a knife to “finish the job”.

War Machine was captured by police on Friday, August 15.

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