Christmas Trees: Real Vs. Artificial


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Most people who celebrate Christmas choose to put up a Christmas tree every year.

Some people choose artificial trees and others prefer real ones.

If you are trying to decide which type of tree you want to use this Christmas, consider the pros and cons of each one.

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees may not be exactly inexpensive, but since they can be reused, they may be the cheaper option. If cared for properly, artificial trees can last for many years.

Artificial trees are much safer than real trees because they do not dry out the way real trees can. When real trees dry out, they can start fires.

If you hate cleaning up pine needles, than an artificial tree is the right choice for you. Artificial trees are known to shed, but not nearly as badly as real ones.

If you are going to use an artificial tree, you will need to store it when you are finished. Since Christmas trees are not very compact, this can be difficult. Consider your storage space when deciding between a real or artificial tree.

One of the biggest cons of owning an artificial tree is the assembly. You have to put the tree up and take it down every year. Some trees are easy to assemble and others are hard.

Real Trees

Real trees are a lot more inexpensive to purchase than artificial trees, but they can also only be used for one season.

Real trees can be thrown out after the holidays and you don’t have to worry about storing them all year.

If you want the smell of pine to fill your home this Christmas, than a real tree is your best bet. Artificial trees do not have any scent.

Real trees have been known to dry out quickly and start house fires.

Unlike artificial trees, real trees can shed their needles often and make a mess in your home.

Infestations can occur with the use of a real tree. Before you bring the tree into your home, check for bugs and other pests and make sure none of them have made their home in your Christmas tree.

There is no right or wrong type of tree to choose for Christmas, so consider all of the pros and cons of each type and choose the one you think will be best for your home and family.