Christmas Tree Thief Steals 20 Trees From Nursery

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Christmas tree thieves are few and far between.

Of course, one would think Christmas trees would be last on the hottest items for crooks. I mean, you can't exactly slip one under your winter coat.

However, one Christmas tree thief stole not one, but 20 Christmas trees from a small locally-owned nursery in Brooklyn this week.

How the bandit made off with 20 Christmas trees is not known, but it must have been some feat.

Deborah Young, owner of Seasons Nursery explained why this Christmas tree heist was such a blow.

She said, "In this industry you really only have two times of year to make your money. May and June, and December. What you make in May and June carries you through to December. What you make in December carries you through to May and June."

The more I search videos, the more I realize that this happens way more than seems reasonable.

However, Young has kept her head up during the loss that cost her so much. She ordered more trees and kept on going.

Young also explained that she doesn't want the attention to be on the bandits who made off with her Christmas trees.

She wants the community to remember that Christmas is about giving.

She said, "For whatever reason the negativity comes, we ain't going to let it win."

This is a new one. Christmas thieves usually steal the gifts from under the tree.

Time will tell if perhaps it was only some Christmas tree Robin Hood and there are suddenly beautiful trees in the homes of those who normally wouldn't be able to spend the money on a tree.

Maybe that's just wishful Christmas thinking.

What do you think a Christmas tree thief would do with 20 Christmas trees?

Lacy Langley
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