Christmas Cookie Recipes That Will Please Everyone

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Making Christmas cookies is a tradition for many families. Some families make them to deliver to friends, family and neighbors, some make them to take to holiday gatherings and dinner parties, some make them to leave out for Santa and some just make them for the fun of it. Regardless of why you make them, the truth is that nothing is better than a simple and delicious Christmas cookies. Here are a few recipes that are sure to please everyone.

Sugar cookies are a favorite Christmas cookie because they can be eaten as is or decorated with candies, sprinkles and other tasty toppings. The best sugar cookies are one that are simple, soft and chewy. Whiles some people like to make drop sugar cookies that are simply mixed in a bowl, dropped by spoon onto a cookie sheet and cooked, others like to make roll out cookie dough that can be cut into Christmas shapes using cookie cutters. Try this Drop Sugar Cookie Recipe or this Roll Out Sugar Cookie Recipe.


If you aren't interested in decorating your cookies and prefer something for familiar and comforting, than chocolate chip cookies are what you need. There are few things as enjoyable as biting into a fresh, soft, warm chocolate chip cookie. These are a favorite to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve and a staple buffet or pot luck dish for any office or family Christmas party. Try this Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe this holiday.


Gingerbread cookies are a traditional holiday treat and are also versatile. Gingerbread dough can be rolled out and cut into shapes such as gingerbread men or topped with chocolate, peppermint and other tasty toppings. These cookies smell almost as good as they taste. Try out this simple Gingerbread Cookie Recipe.


Try out one or all of these delicious Christmas cookie recipes this holiday season and decide which one you like best.

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