Christina Sandera: Restaurant Hostess Is Clint Eastwood's Girlfriend

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Christina Sandera and Clint Eastwood. We can officially say that the two of them are a couple.

After all, Christina Sandera accompanied Clint Eastwood to the Oscars on Sunday to support him and his movie, American Sniper.

You don't just bring anyone to the Oscars.

The incredibly talented director, 84, and Christina Sandera have been rumored to be an item since last June.

It isn't known if Christina Sandera is still working at Clint Eastwood's Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel, California. However, if she is, I guess it wouldn't be that big of a surprise.

"Clint's kids have all met Christina and like [her]," an insider told Us at the time. The "kids all say she is 'normal.'"

Christina Sandera is the second of Clint Eastwood's relationships since his 2013 divorce from his wife Dina after 17 years of marriage.

Right after the split, Clint Eastwood began seeing photographer Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, the ex-wife of college basketball coach Scott Fisher. Dina, in turn, was linked to the same Scott Fisher.

That was weird.

But, it didn' t last long.

"She hasn't been around in awhile," the same source said last June of Erica Tomlinson-Fisher. "He is with Christina and happy."

Indeed, Clint Eastwood did look really happy with Christina Sandera.

Sandera looked stunning and not a bit out of place for their night together at the Oscars.

She wore a long-sleeved, conservative lilac gown accented with tasteful diamond jewelry.

Christina Sandera, however, wasn't wearing a ring on her special finger, which happens to be one of the hottest accessories in Hollywood right now. Next to the baby bump, that is. And I'm guessing her chances of having the bump are slim.

It would be hard to start over at 84. The ring, though, that remains to be seen.

What did you think of Christina Sandera at Sunday night's Oscars?

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