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Christina Hendricks, who plays flashy redhead secretary Joan on Mad Men, has not always had it easy. Even the stars that you would think must have always had it made, sometimes had to struggle to get where they are.

Hendricks said in an interview with The Guardian that she absolutely hated high school and that she was bullied.

"We had a locker bay, and every time I went down there to get books out of my locker people would sit on top and spit at me. So I had to have my locker moved because I couldn't go in there… I felt scared in high school. It was like Lord of the Flies. There was always some kid getting pummelled and people cheering."

Therefore, Christina Hendricks did what many kids, who didn't quite fit in, did back then. She went goth.

She admitted to dyeing her hair black and shaving the back. She even admitted wearing lots of black and those knee-high Doc Marten boots that were widely coveted, but narrowly afforded.

I bet some of those kids who bullied Christina Hendricks are looking back in regret now. Of course, her parents tried to discourage her choice of attire and hairstyle, but they were unsuccessful.

"My parents would say, 'You're just alienating everyone. You'll never make any friends looking like that.' And I would say, 'I don't want those people to be my friends. I'm never going to be friends with the people who beat up a kid while everyone is cheering them on. I hate them,'" Christina Hendricks said of such conversations with her parents.

When asked if she was surprised about God's Pocket co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman's death in February from mixed drug intoxication, Christina Hendricks said,

"I mean, I was because he'd seemed so great… um… and, you know, we'd just been at Sundance with him the week before and he seemed fantastic. I knew he'd had problems in the past but I really did think it was in the past. I was so surprised."

It must have been hard for Christina Hendricks to watch the premiere of God's Pocket knowing that Hoffman, who played her husband in the movie, was no longer alive. It's just hard to see the image and hear the voice of someone that has passed.

"I was saying to my husband [the actor Geoffrey Arend] that sometimes when you have a friend who passes, it feels very, very final," Christina Hendricks said. "But something about Philip… I keep thinking I'm going to see him again. I guess, when I watch the film now, I feel like it's a celebration of him. I feel lucky to have gotten to work with him. I feel grateful and I feel sad."

Good luck to Christina Hendricks on her fifth straight year to be nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama! Maybe this year's the year!

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