Christina Fallin: Trailer On Oklahoma Governor's Mansion Grounds Must Go

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Christina Fallin has to move the trailer she located on the grounds of the governor's mansion in Oklahoma back in April. Her mother, Mary Fallin, is Oklahoma's governor.

Governor Fallin says she was simply trying to be a good mom when Christina Fallin asked if she could park a "nice trailer" there back in April. The governor assured the media the trailer cost no more than having Christina live inside the governor's mansion with her.

"My Oklahoma values ... is to take care of your family," Fallin said in a recent live TV interview.

"My daughter a couple of months ago came to me and said she was in between living arrangements," the governor added. "She does have a very nice trailer that she bought" but didn't have a place to park it. "And so I told her you can park it in the back of this lot, not seen to the public eye, and store it there."

Christina Fallin is 28 years old. She is a musician, artist, and a consultant.

No Oklahoma laws prohibit Christina Fallin's trailer from being parked on the grounds of the governor's mansion, however the administrative rules of the Oklahoma Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission bars mobile homes from being used in the area.

Despite it being a "nice trailer," it looks like Christina Fallin's trailer must go.

It will be interesting to learn in the coming days if Governor Fallin tries to pull any strings so her daughter's trailer can say, and if Christina Fallin winds up moving inside the governor's mansion if and when the trailer is removed.

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