Christina Applegate Says Kelly Bundy Probably Has Kids, Talks About Her Own

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Christina Applegate has come a long way since Married ... With Children. The former Kelly Bundy has made a name for herself in comedy films alongside some heavyweight names.

Applegate's former TV family, including Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal, have done well for themselves too. Ed O'Neill is the patriarch of the family at the core of the hit series Modern Family, while Sagal was the matriarch of the biker brood in Sons of Anarchy. Only David Faustino has kept a lower profile, often appearing as himself on shows or voicing animated characters.

The latest news is that Faustino will get a Married ... With Children spinoff based on his character of Bud Bundy. It has been confirmed that Christina Applegate will at least guest star from time to time, and other Bundy family members may drop in too.

Speaking about where she thinks Kelly Bundy might be today, Christina Applegate said, “Kelly Bundy probably has like 10 kids. I’m sure of it.”

Then Applegate should fit into the role just fine. She spoke with People recently about her own fun with her little family, including her husband Martyn LeNoble and daughter Sadie Grace.

“I barely survived the Terrible Twos,” Christina Applegate revealed. “The fours are pretty gnarls too. She is pushing so many boundaries right now. I say, ‘Please put that down. Please put that down. Please put that down.’ It’s crazy man.”

As any parent can attest, it's still all worth it.

“My favorite time is just when it’s the two of us and we are having lunch and talking,” said Applegate.

As many moms have done, including new mom Zoe Saldana, Applegate makes sure her acting career makes room for her family.

“I won’t take on a project unless the family can make the decision that it is worth the sacrifice of me not seeing Sadie all day long and uprooting everyone if it’s on location,” Applegate said.

“After I did Anchorman 2, I asked for a year and a half off, which meant they weren’t allowed to call me about anything. And they didn’t,” she says. “I just mom’d it up.”

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