Christina Aguilera: When Will She Tie the Knot With Matt Rutler?

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Christina Aguilera is set to make her return to The Voice at the end of February. The mom of two is engaged to longtime beau Matt Rutler. Will talk of wedding plans filter into her banter on this upcoming season of The Voice?

Not likely.

During a recent interview with Women's Health, Christina Aguilera didn't sound like she's in much of a rush to get married.

"We discuss it when we’re snuggling in bed," she said, "but it’s a casual conversation."

It's coming up on two years since Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler got engaged--Valentine's Day 2014. The following August the couple welcomed daughter Summer Rain into their lives.

"I swear if I hadn’t called her Summer I would’ve called her Joy because she just lights up a room and she illuminates brightness and happiness," she said of their little girl.

While swaying the conversation away from a possible wedding date, Christina Aguilera dished on motherhood, and how she hates the idea that women are expected to do it all.

"Mothers are constantly expected to be the nurturers, the givers, the providers of a comfortable home. We’re expected to be pregnant, have the kids, breastfeed once we have the babies. And we’re expected to look amazing after baby, right? Keep our husbands and boyfriends interested — because we’re supposed to get back to sexy and keep things exciting in the bedroom. There’s such a long list," she said.

"Having children is the ultimate joy, and I love my kids, but women have to find time to nurture themselves," she added. "If someone has a baby, the first thing I’m like is, ‘OK, are you taking care of you?'"

Do you think Christina Aguilera is avoiding setting a wedding date with Matt Rutler? Perhaps she'll think more seriously about it after this upcoming season of The Voice concludes.

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