Christian Bale Bails On Film; Status Up In The Air

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Christian Bale has declined to lend his acting talents to the film "Child 44", which is yet another setback in the making of the film.

The movie was optioned in 2007 from a book by Tom Rob Smith before it was even published, then languished in limbo until director Ridley Scott set his eyes upon it. However, his schedule demanded he set the project aside, and now Daniel Espinosa ("Safehouse") is said to be taking the helm in the director's chair. However, with Christian Bale out of the running for the lead, it could force yet another stall in the film being made.

The movie, which is based on true events, is set in the '50s and focuses on a Russian member of the Secret Police who gets involved in an investigation of brutal child murders--the same committed by Ukrainian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo in real life. If the movie is done right, it could spawn two more films, as "Child 44" is part of a trilogy which focuses on Stalin's impact.

Bale met with the producers earlier this week, but they couldn't work out an agreement. Ridley Scott, however, is still attached to the film as a producer.

Amanda Crum
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