Chrissy Teigen: Were Those Her Nipples--or Shadows?

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Chrissy Teigen had a wardrobe malfunction of sorts at the CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday evening. As she walked the white carpet--decked out in a gorgeous white gown--it certainly appeared as though the gown was weighted down a bit too much, pulling the bodice lower than it was meant to be and showing off a portion of both her nipples.

In addition, the gown ripped while Chrissy Teigen was posing for fans and photographers--making the slit several inches higher than it was supposed to be.

Chrissy Teigen acknowledged one facet of her wardrobe malfunction, but not the other, however.

She claimed her nipples weren't exposed, and that what people perceived as her nipples were merely shadows instead.

She shared her thoughts--and a photo--on Instagram.

"Wardrobe malfunction of the highest caliber. Let's just say the slit took it upon itself to rip 5 inches higher. Thank you @stuartweitzman for letting me be your date and for always making my feet happy and legs sexy!!! #CFDAawards (edit: do you guys know what a shadow is? Those are not nipples. I know what my nipples look like. You don't. Well maybe you do. But those aren't them.)," she captioned the photo.

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

Since Chrissy Teigen is used to posing nude, she surely wouldn't be embarrassed over her nipples showing in a wardrobe malfunction. However when looking at her Instagram shot, it certainly does loook like they're a wee bit exposed.

What's your take? Are those Chrissy Teigen's nipples, somewhat on display on the CFDA Fashion Awards white carpet? Or does John Legend's wife have some unusual nipple shadows that peeked out for the camera instead?

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