Chrissy Teigen: Supermodel Takes A Milk Bath After A Bad Day

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Looks like someone’s having a bad week. Chrissy Teigen encountered back-to-back accidents last week after cracking her foot in Utah and suffering jalapeño burn.

John Legend’s sizzling wife accompanied her husband earlier last week at Utah where the singer performed for the opening ceremonies of the Sundance Film Festival. Teigen was hospitalized after her foot got cracked. She posted a photo on her Instagram showing her lying on a hospital bed while wearing a tiny black dress. “Then I cracked a foot bone. I regret nothing,” she captioned the photo.

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While it might seem that all is fine and well, the Sports Illustrated model got into another accident last Saturday when she realized that jalapeño peppers are too hot to handle. "Just took a shower after cleaning those jalapenos and it is truly was the biggest mistake of my life like I don't think I can have kids now," the outspoken model shared to her Twitter followers.

Teigen broadcasted her pain, describing how she felt like being covered in paper cuts, “A demon is pouring lime juice all over me,” she added. Fans of the stunning model went to her aid, tweeting out home remedy suggestions straight to Teigen.

The cure? To bathe in milk, one Twitter user suggested. Teigen took the advice and posted a hilarious video on Instagram showing her pouring a carton of milk all over her body. Mrs. Legend was wrapped in a purple towel while sitting on her patio. “THANK YOU,” she wrote in all caps. After dousing in dairy, Teigen thanked her fans by tweeting, “You guys just saved my life.”

The day after the jalapeño burn, Teigen and Legend were spotted in Hollywood while they were out for lunch. The two casually strolled around, ignoring the paparazzi. Legend escorted her fragile wife back to the car and he even opened the door for her. Who says chivalry is dead?

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