Chrissy Teigen Photo-Bombed, But Still Looks Great


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Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is certainly used to taking all kinds of photos, and most times, she's the star of those photos and all eyes are on her. But at last night's Grammy Awards, she and her husband, soul-singer John Legend, were photo-bombed by Neil Patrick Harris, which was hilarious.

Based on the photo--which Teigen posted on her Instagram account--Harris was seated right behind her and her husband, so he was in the perfect position to jump right into their shot and add some humor to it.

With his mouth opened and eyebrows raised, the "How I Met Your Mother" actor stuck his head directly between Teigen and Legend, and arguably gave the best photobomb of the night.

And did the couple seem to mind? Not at all. In fact, Teigen said she was very fortunate to be photo-bombed by such a likable actor. "One can only be so lucky to get a NPH photobomb," she wrote.

On the red carpet, Teigen looked stunning in a gold colored sequenced gown that was both sexy and elegant all in one, and when she was interviewed by one of the event hosts, Chris Booker, Booker couldn't hide the fact that he found her beautiful.

"Thank you for bringing your wife," he told John Legend, as he made the singer hold the microphone so he could applaud. Teigen chuckled in response, and then told her husband that he better clap too, which of course he did.

Legend was also a big hit at the Grammy's for his heartfelt performance of his latest single "All of Me," which is a piano-driven ballad written for his wife. If you listen closely, you can hear a lot of similarities between that song and his 2004 song "Ordinary People," which is the tune that catapulted him into to fame.

Image via YouTube