Chrissy Teigen: Outfit Missing Bra and Pants

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Chrissy Teigen took a stroll on a New York City street Wednesday night, but she seemed to have left integral parts of her outfit at home. John Legend's new wife was spotted out and about wearing a button down shirt and boots. Important wardrobe staples that were missing included her bra and her pants.

That's right. That button down shirt became quite sexy when it wasn't paired with jeans--and it was unbuttoned enough to not only reveal her braless state, but to allow a peek at her breasts as well.

It's uncertain where Chrissy Teigen believed she had to go in such a hurry that she couldn't finish getting dressed. She's lucky she wasn't cited for indecent exposure. Of course no one really knows whether she sported tiny little shorts under the long shirt or not. Teigen didn't seem to shy away from the paparazzi's cameras either. In fact, when she was spotted she opened her arms wide--allowing even more of a view--and very nearly suffering a wardrobe malfunction.

If anyone can pull off a look like the one on display on Wednesday night, Chrissy Teigen can. The Victoria's Secret model is drop dead gorgeous, with a body women would kill for and men clamor to see. It would seem, however, that given the money she makes and hubby John Legend's recent hit song 'All of Me,' that Chrissy could afford to dress for a New York City stroll.

Hopefully she'll dress more appropriately when practicing for this event.

Baseball--even just a first pitch--dressed in Chrissy Teigen's Wednesday night attire could cause some serious wardrobe malfunctions--and would no doubt blow up Twitter, too.

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