Chris Hemsworth: New Avengers Has 'More Humor for Thor'

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Chris Hemsworth is talking his face off about the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film.

While there aren't any spoilers, per se, Chris Hemsworth gives us enough info to whet our appetites for can be called the second installment in the Avengers series, but is far from the second movie.

Speaking about his own character, Thor, Chris Hemsowrth does tell us where Thor will be when the film starts.

"We put up with Thor having stayed on Earth from Thor 2. So he's here. He's part of the team. This is his home for the moment."

While he is careful not to reveal too much, Chris Hemsworth does say that the instigating action in the film is a factor that brings all the Marvel Universe neatly together under one arc.

"The initial kind of threat — attack — from Ultron is personal, because it's at all the Avengers, and Thor then begins to see a bigger picture here about what this threat could be, potentially. And it begins to kind of tie in all of our films. It's hard to say too much without talking about what I can't talk about, but as I said, it's a personal loss [for Thor] from the get-go."

One fun bit to look forward to is seeing the God of Thunder in street clothes.

"[There's a] party scene, and I was in a nice coat and jeans, and the guys just kept joking, 'When did Thor go shopping? Did he buy this online? Or did Jane do it?' You don't see him go shopping, but the question's raised, because he's not dressed in his own guardian attire. He's more human in the film definitely."

In the first Thor film, as well as the first Avengers installment, Thor is played as still being unfamiliar with the customs of humans. There was some humor on that. Chris Hemsworth says that the goofiness of Thor is going to be polished off a bit, but now he gets to joke with the rest of the gang.

"Thor has loosened up a bit. I think we lost some of the humor and the naiveté and fish-out-of-water quality of Thor from the first film into the second one. And there were things I loved about what we did in the second one too, tonally, but you know that sense of fun? I would have liked it to be there a bit more. And Joss [Whedon], I think, felt the same way. So there's more humor in Thor. He's off Asgard now, so he doesn't have to be as regal and kingly as he is in that world, which is nice. I enjoy that more. It's sort of a box, which he gets to step out of, on Asgard. That stuff just looks out of place, whereas here you can have a gag with the guys and he can throw away lines and be in a party scene with them in civilian clothes, which is nice."

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