Chobani Layoffs Mostly Affect Temp Workers

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Chobani layoffs hit the news this week and had some worried that the large Twin Falls factory was laying off its main workforce. The company is now performing a bit of damage control and letting people know it's not as dire as some have suggested.

Speaking to the Times-News, Chobani confirms that it has laid off some employees at its 1-million-square-foot Greek yogurt factory in Twin Falls, Idaho. Contrary to initial reports, however, most of the positions lost were temporary. That being said, the company did say it had to lay off a few regular workers as well. A spokesperson for the company didn't say how many lost their jobs, but said the majority of them were temporary positions.

When Chobani first built the plant, it said it would need around 400 employees. After it opened the facility, it hired well beyond 400 employees and says that it still employs more than it originally intended. Still, it hired a lot of temporary employees for what it said were temporary jobs. One can presume that the yogurt is now flowing at a regular rate and some of those temporary positions are no longer needed. A statement from the company announcing the layoffs said just as much:

"After a thorough and comprehensive review of our business, we made the very difficult but necessary decision to operate our plant at its original design and eliminate certain positions."

Those who lost their jobs shouldn't have much trouble finding new work though. It's reported that Southern Idaho has seen a recent increase in temporary positions as more companies move into the area. Unfortunately, temporary positions are just that - temporary. Those looking for regular work may have a bit of trouble, but those who jump from temp job to temp job may be able to bounce back sooner rather than later.

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