Chloe Sevigny Beats Other Publishers with Her Own Book

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Chloe Sevigny is "famous for looking cool without looking like she’s trying." That's what publisher Rizzoli says about the "muse in the downtown creative scene for over three decades" and her new book called simply Chloe Sevigny.

The book is an illustrated chronicle of the evolution of Chloe Sevigny’s unique style throughout her career, from a teenage skater girl to award-winning film actress and fashion designer. The pictures in the book include early personal photos of Chloe Sevigny taken by her high school friends, film stills, and of course fashion shoot pics.

Chloe Sevigny told Style Magazine that part of the reason she decided to put out the book was to beat other publishers to the punch.

"I’d seen a book that somebody else had done of me, and I just thought I wanted to preempt someone else doing something. You know, I turned 40, and it just seemed like a nice time to—I don’t want to say celebrate myself—but to look back on and compile images that I feel represent the time and me as a person and the career that I’ve honed and developed over the years through fashion, film, and art. I feel like in the age of the Internet, too, when your image can get away from you, it was just a way to own it again and put myself out there the way that I wanted to be seen."

At the same time, Chloe Sevigny says she hopes that younger fans don't just see her as a fashion name, but check out her films.

"A lot of kids come up to me on the street and are like, 'I like your style.' I wish that they were watching the earlier films as much as they are maybe just flipping through imagery, you know what I mean? There are the kids who are really into film who do see that, but I have a real problem with being isolated and being celebrated for style. I’d much prefer to be celebrated for the work I’ve done as an actress."

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