Chinese Man Buys A Fake iPhone, Stabs A Counterfeiter To Death

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What's the angriest you've ever been after a purchase? What about that time your friend sold you that used video game that "worked like new" but when you opened it you found it covered with scratches and unplayable? How about that signed baseball card with the signature that rubbed off the second you got it home?

Most everyone has been duped before, but did it make you feel homicidal?

In Zhengzhou city, China(the location of one of Foxconn's biggest Apple factories), one jilted market shopper got a little stabby when he discovered that the iPhone he had just purchased was not really an iPhone, but a counterfeit device constructed only well enough assuage any suspicions at the moment of sale.

The suspect, identified by ChinaHush as a Mr. Feng, was arrested last week after assaulting multiple people in a market plaza inside Zhengzhou. According to the reports, Feng was there looking for the particular guy who sold him his fake iPhone, but settled for some individuals that looked to be associated with the counterfeit trade.

After getting home with his fake iPhone a realizing he'd been had, Feng apparently went back to the market plaza only to discover that the seller was long gone. Feng then continued to visit the plaza every day looking for the culprit - one day bringing a kitchen knife along.

On that day, Feng happened upon another transaction in the same area. He saw what looked like a similar transaction to the one that fooled him, with the fake iPhone appearing to resemble the one sold to him. "Very upset after being cheated," Feng attacked the sellers with the knife - killing one.

The reports indicate that the victim died of blood loss after having a major artery in his leg severed.

Although it's unclear why Feng expected anything other than a fake iPhone while making purchases on the street, one thing is clear: When you truly want an iPhone - there is no substitute.

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