Chevy Cobalt Recall Comes 10 Years After Finding Defect

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Recently General Motors (GM) recalled over 700,000 vehicles, including the Chevy Cobalt 2005 - 2007 models, as well as the 2007 Pontiac G5 cars, because of an ignition switch defect that was linked to six deaths.

Since then GM has raised the death toll connected to the ignition switch problem to 13, as well as the amount of cars being recalled. Now more than 1.37 million vehicles in the United States have been recalled, as well as almost 254,000 in Mexico and Canada.

More cars have also been added to the recall including 2003-07 Saturn Ion models, 2006-07 models of the Chevrolet HHR, and 2006-07 models of the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.

The ignition problem occurs when a heavy keychain or something else jars the ignition switch from "run" to "accessory." This action shuts off the engine and can even disable the front air bags.

Once GM expanded their recall, they admitted the problem with the ignition switch was brought to their attention as early as 2004.

GM North America President Alan Batey said, "The chronology shows that the process employed to examine this phenomenon was not as robust as it should have been. Today's GM is committed to doing business differently and better. We will take an unflinching look at what happened and apply lessons learned here to improve going forward. We are deeply sorry and we are working to address this issue as quickly as we can."

Brooke Melton of Georgia died in a crash in 2010 in her 2005 Chevy Cobalt she bought new. The data recorder from Melton's car showed that about two seconds before her crash her car's ignition went from "run" to "accessory" and her airbags were not deployed.

The attorney for Melton's estate, Lance Cooper, said, "It's about time. If you go back to when they knew, in 2004 and '05, that's not the way a responsible manufacturer behaves."

Some took to Twitter to warn others of the recent recall.

While others didn't seem to be bothered that they own the recently recalled Chevy Cobalt:

One lady plans on just getting a different car.

Image via YouTube.

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