Cheryl Cole Strikes Back At Simon Cowell's 'Ungentlemanly' Remarks About Her Weight

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Cheryl Cole struck back at X Factor judge Simon Cowell after his "ungentlemanly" comments about her weight made made during a recent interview.

"I heard this rumour and I think a gentleman should never speak about a woman's age or weight but that's only if you're educated on how to treat a woman" said Cole to Yahoo Celebrity, as reported on Thursday, at The X Factor launch.

"So, unlucky for him. And who listens to Simon Cowell these days anyway? Does anybody? I don't listen to him anymore."

Wut Roh! Think this could get ugly.

Cowell made the offensive remarks while explaining the decision to drop her from the lineup of the US version of the show during an interview earlier in the week with the Radio Times.

"When I saw her I didn't recognize her," Cowell said, as reported by The Daily Mirror.

"Literally. The hair and outfit were crazy. Just totally crazy. I asked her manager, 'What's she wearing, what's happened to her hair?'

"He was defensive about it. I haven't a clue why she turned up like that."

"She'd put on a bit of weight, but not loads. That wasn't the issue.

"The only way I can describe it is that it wasn't Cheryl sitting in that seat. She'd lost her confidence."

Cowell had other reasons for the falling ratings on the American version of the show.

"In hindsight I don't think that first day worked anyway.

"There was something not quite right about that show in America."

"We were all wound up. There was so much expectation on the show in America and I definitely wasn't myself. I was uptight."

Cole also remarked that she was confused by other comments made by the British music mogul, especially about pop star judges like Cole feeling threatened by the acts that appear on the show.

"Simon said a lot to the contrary which is interesting. I actually did an interview with just me and him a couple of weeks ago where he was like 'the reason I love Cheryl and Mel is because they really want to find talent and that they're not interested in it because they're an artist,'" she told Yahoo Celebrity.

"I've been an artist for 12 years, you know, I found Cher Lloyd and I've had two winners."

And the X-factor judge let out one more little jab towards Cowell.

"The man just needs something else to say he needs some new material, it's getting boring."

Pam Wright