Chelsea Handler Says She Doesn't Let Fear Stop Her

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Chelsea Handler has a sense of humor that makes her seem fearless, but the comedian claims that she is anything but fearless. In fact, she said that she is scared of a lot of things and gets nervous and anxious like everyone else. Instead of running from the things she is afraid of, she said that she likes to conquer her fears.

"Fear is part of my life. I've just agreed to be in bed with it. I get nervous and then I go and conquer it because it feel like I have to," she said in a telephone interview with the Canadian Press. "I could never walk away from something because I'm scared. It's just not in my DNA."

Handler said she learned to face her fears at a young age and credits her brothers with making her so tough.

"I think my brothers always instilled in me I was the fun one. I was the cool one because I would do whatever they did," she said. "My other sister was a bit more timid, a little bit (more shy). She wasn't as adventurous as I am... Maybe it was a way to get attention and a way for people to think I was cool and it just stuck with me."

Handler is currently working on a new talk show that will debut on Netflix in 2016. She said that she is still working out all the kinks and details of the talk show but she said that she is hoping the show will offer something for everyone and be different from other talk shows.

"I'm not interested in talking about celebrities on a nightly basis. I want something for everybody. I want to broaden my group of watchers. I want people that haven't seen me before in different countries to be able to relate. I want it to have some sort of educational value," she said.

"I want to do something that nobody has done before. Everybody was predicting what I was going to do, and I'm like, 'I'm not going to do anything that anyone thinks I'm going to do.' I never do."

Handler's newest comedy special, Uganda Be Kidding Me, will premiere on Netflix on October 10.

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