Chelsea Handler Flashes Bare Breasts in Mardi Gras Tweet

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Chelsea Handler has a real problem keeping her breasts under cover, and this was proven most recently at Mardi Gras. The former Chelsea Lately star has flashed her bare breasts on a ski slope and has shared them in a shower scene film clip. Now she has exposed them yet again on the streets of New Orleans.

On Monday evening, Chelsea Handler and two of her friends strolled the NOLA streets wearing masks and beads. Handler wore nothing to cover her breasts.

She no doubt believes she was sharing a very special gift with those nearby.

Notice the caption of her tweet.

Chelsea Handler has had nude photos removed from Instagram before, and thus has relied on Twitter's more liberal policy regarding nudity instead. This notion wasn't lost in another tweet she shared of a fellow Marid Gras fan whose breasts were also exposed on the streets of New Orleans.

Last week Chelsea Handler sort of thanked Twitter for its liberal stance. She did so, of course, by tweeting her bare breasts yet again.

One might say that Chelsea Handler is obsessed with breasts--hers, other people's, etc. Why does she assume that everyone else wants to see them, too?

What's your take on Chelsea Handler and what many people would consider a total lack of modesty?

Kimberly Ripley
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