Chelsea F.C. Caught Up In Dutch Football Scandal


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It has not been a good week for Chelsea FC.

On Wednesday, the English Premier League team lost their away game to French team Paris St. Germain FC.

The 3-1 defeat was blamed on many factors, including a senseless header from team captain John Terry.

However, the loss isn't near the top of negative news reflecting on the club as of late. It's impossible for Chelsea to recover from the 3-1 away loss with a rousing home win in the second leg. Stranger things have happened.

There was a bloody bust up that occurred ahead of the game. Hundreds of Chelsea hooligans (some of whom were allegedly in the country illegally) elected to start a riot in the middle of Paris.

The group of British fans are blamed for numerous injuries and damage to a number of shops.

The event prompted a response by PSG directed at Chelsea fans:

Topping it all off are rumors that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich may have deliberately interfered in the Champions League aspirations of a Dutch team.

Former Vitesse owner Merab Jordania is saying that Abramovich has repeatedly hindered the success of the Dutch football club. Alexander Chigrininsky, the club's major shareholder, is a good friend of the Russian billionaire. Jordania is convinced that the team is throwing the chance to qualify for Champions League competition practically as a favor to Abramovich.

It is a serious accusation, so serious that the Royal Netherlands Football Association has launched an investigation. The governing body contacted Vitesse for clarification of how the club handles its affairs.

Vitesse chairman Bert Roetert called Jordania's accusation a "poor April Fool's joke". Meanwhile Chelsea has distanced itself from the accusations, saying Vitesse is an independent football club.

Many are taking the accusations as nothing more than sour grapes.

If a smoking gun were to emerge...with the week Chelsea's happening, it wouldn't be too shocking.

Image via Wikimedia Commons