Check Out The First Test Footage From Mighty No. 9

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Last month, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune took to Kickstarter to fund his vision of a spiritual successor to his beloved franchise - Mighty No. 9. Thirty days and almost $3.5 million later, the game will receive the funding it needs to become a reality and then some.

Now, Mighty No. 9 being funded is all well and good. More Mega Man-like games is always a good thing. In fact, the only possible downside would be that comcept had no footage of the game to show when the Kickstarter was first announced. That still remains the case, but at least we now have some test footage to see what the game may look like in the future.

On the eve of its successful funding, the official Mighty No. 9 YouTube page uploaded some test footage of the game running on the Unreal Engine. They note that this is merely test footage to see if Unreal Engine will suit their needs for the game. It's using placeholder animation and assets so everything in this video is subject to change.

That being said, the test footage is already looking fantastic. It's even more impressive when you see that the team only had seven days to make this. I'm not the biggest fan of Unreal, but this test footage perfectly captures the look and feel of classic Mega Man.

It seems that Mega Man fans agree that the video looks great as money continues to pour into the Kickstarter with eight hours to go. The team recently earned enough money to make PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and 3DS versions of the game, and they're now working towards adding a new single-player stage where players can play as Call, the female heroine of Mighty No. 9.

The Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter only has eight hours to go, but it's already proven to be one of the most successful gaming Kickstarter campaigns thus far. It's undoubtedly deserved as it's been a while since we've seen anything from Mega Man, and Capcom still refuses to do anything with the iconic character.

[Image: Mighty No. 9/Kickstarter]

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