Check Out Some NES Remix Gameplay


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During yesterday's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo surprised just about everybody with the surprise release of a new Wii U eShop game called NES Remix. At its core, it's a collection of challenges based around 12 classic NES games. For example, one challenge tasks players with jumping over three barrels in Donkey Kong.

While that sounds interesting in and of itself, it's not really much of an unique experience. For something different, that's where the Remix levels come in. These levels drastically change the level in some way and task players to complete it within the time limit.

In a new trailer released by Nintendo today, you can see how the very first Remix level plays out. In this challenge, players are tasked with defeating 15 enemies in the first level of Super Mario Bros. while remaining indefinitely invincible. It sounds easy, but players will have to come up with an expert strategy of defeating enemies to come in under 15 seconds to get three rainbow stars - the highest score.

Oh, and if you want to see more NES Remix, check out the trailer from yesterday's Nintendo Direct below:

Image via Nintendo/YouTube