Chatroulette First Person Shooter Is Probably the Best, and Most Penis-Free Use of Chatroulette

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Chatroulette has a reputation for, well, not really being good for anything. Unless you're looking for a way to see the most dicks in the least amount of time. If that's your goal, it's either Chatroulette or a GOP debate.

But what's this? Something incredibly cool and innovative on Chatroulette?

Take about 30 people, £900, and a good idea, and I think we've found the real purpose of the site – interactive gaming.

Realm Pictures created an interactive first person zombie shooter and let Chatrouletters control the action. It's an inarguably awesome way to use the platform.

"It took about a month of R&D to get the streaming all figured out and make sure we could cut the latency right down so it was actually "playable" in a sense of the word. We did it all over a weekend, with about half a day of rehearsals with all our extras and then straight into the real thing," says one of the game's creators on reddit.

Check it out:

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