Charlize Theron Visits 'Today' To Spread Awareness On AIDS, Actress Believes Epidemic Can Be Eliminated

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Decades ago, condoms were perceived merely as a method of contraception as opposed to a means to prevent sexually-transmitted disease.

But for actress Charlize Theron, it’s an important tool that could possibly end AIDS in the coming years.

Theron visited Today last Monday to raise awareness about AIDS and how we could end it.

According to Theron, the statistics in Africa shows that girls are eight times more likely to acquire AIDS than boys. 'When I was growing up (in South Africa) in the late '80s and early '90s, an epidemic really hit and we had little information on it,' Theron revealed.    

“I remember being a young girl growing up with this petrifying fear because people were dying and nobody knew why," Theron said. "Today we know why, and it's completely preventable, and yet more young girls are dying today than 20 years ago and something is wrong with that."  

Theron said the reason why the infectious disease is not ending is because people have been complacent and the issue is just being curbed instead of being eliminated completely. Charlize Theron also founded the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in 2008, which is an organization that helps African youth keep themselves safe from HIV infection. Charlize Theron said she believes that youth of today should be taught how to prevent the illness instead of seeking immediate care.  

Theron added that she is aware that her efforts and other organizations are not enough, and that all of us should work on this fight.

AIDS remains the leading killer among adolescents in Africa and the second leading cause of death among all adolescents globally.

“That should be something we should all be concerned about,” Theron said of how AIDS disproportionately affects women. “That affects me. That affects you. That’s not just an African problem. That’s not just as Asian problem… that’s all of us.”

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