Charlize Theron Tough Because a Spider Laid Eggs Inside Her

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Charlize Theron has shocked the world by becoming an action star. Her latest film, Mad Max: Fury Road, has been such a testament to feminine power that some men are getting intimidated by it. Many of them expected a Tom Hardy movie. But it is clearly a Charlize Theron movie.

When Charlize Theron spoke to Hello Magazine recently, she talked about fear and strength. She revealed that she is afraid of flying. But she is not afraid of bugs. In fact, she carries the scars of her bravery.

"I'm really scared of flying. But growing up on a farm with lots of critters means I'm not scared of bugs or spiders. Actually, I had a spider lay eggs in my skin once and its babies started hatching," she told the magazine.

"Yes, so now I have two holes in my leg. The spiders did a pretty good job dogging in."

Now that she is carrying the mantle of heroine, Charlize Theron speaks of her instincts. In the film business, she needs to call on her instincts a lot.

"I'm a pretty good reader of people. I've gone through moments when I've doubted them but my instincts are really good. I rely on them a lot and I'm rarely wrong," she explained.

While commenters keep throwing around praise about the Mad Max film, saying that Charlize Theron and her co-stars portray "strong women," Theron herself begs to differ.

"People say how we're strong women but we're really just women in this movie," she said. "We just had a filmmaker who understands women are powerful enough. We don't want to be put on pedestals or made to be unnaturally strong. What we're capable of doing is really interesting and really informs a story like this."

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