Charlize Theron Negotiates More Than $10 Million Payday for Film Sequel

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Charlize Theron took a stand following the recent Sony hacking scandal, against women's pay in Hollywood. The result is a more than $10 million pay day for the actress for her upcoming prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Theron will be paid the same as her male costar Chris Hemsworth.

The Sony hacking scandal revealed that many of Hollywood's highest paid actresses still aren't paid as much as their male counterparts. Charlize Theron simply wasn't having it. She negotiated via her agents and her work paid off.

“Charlize insisted that she get paid the same money as Chris. She has a great track record, so she got the same deal," a source told Page Six.

“One knock-on effect from the Sony hacking scandal is that there will be more sensitivity about equal pay for actresses and hiring practices at movie studios," another source said.

Both Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron are reprising their roles of huntsman Eric and evil queen Ravenna in The Huntsman. The film, which is directed by Frank Darabont, is in pre-production and will hit the big screen in April 2016.

During the Sony hacking scandal, emails from Sony revealed that both Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid less for their roles in American Hustle than their male costars, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper. Charlize Theron is no doubt glad that proverbial cat was let out of its bag. She's now banking a cool $10 million-plus for her next film, and has likely paved the way for equal pay for her female counterparts.

This isn't the first cause that has prompted Theron to take a stand. She founded the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in 2007 to combat HIV/AIDS among young people. She served as spokesperson for the United Nations’ Stop Rape Now program and PETA’s anti-fur campaigns, and has been quoted as saying that she won’t get married until everyone in America enjoys equal rights for marriage. Some sources are reporting she is engaged to Sean Penn, so its uncertain how long she'll hold out on that cause.

Kudos to Charlize Theron for her continued activism. People like Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams might even be her new best friends.

Kimberly Ripley
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