Charlize Theron Have Seth MacFarlane Now That Sean Penn Is Over?

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It's been just over a week since the story broke that Charlize Theron had broken up with Sean Penn. By all accounts, it was Charlize Theron who did the leaving. The details are still relatively unclear, especially in light of some things Theron had said in the past.

"I'm a very, very, very lucky girl," Charlize Theron once told Esquire. "Very lucky. He's hot."

"Putting aside that he's my partner, he's the love of my life," Theron told Elle.

For his part, Sean Penn seemed to be totally stricken with Theron, and more than ready to marry her.

"You say I've been married twice before, but I’ve been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today," Penn said of Theron. "So I wouldn’t even consider it a third marriage, I’d consider it a first marriage on its own terms if I got married again. I mean, I like the tradition. A friend of mine wrote a line, 'Without tradition, new things die.' And I don’t want new things to die."

But Howard Stern is asking about another path that Theron might have available to her. There have been rumors for some time that Charlize Theron and funny-man Seth MacFarlane really hit it off when filming his comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West. In fact, there was speculation that they pair may have become more than friends.

Stern asked MacFarlane recently about the sparks that may have flown on set between Theron and MacFarlane.

"That was just one of the best interactions that I've had, performance-wise," MacFarlane said of working with Theron.

"I went into it very inexperienced. Half the reason I do most of the things that I do is because they scare me, and that's what makes it exciting. Here's an opportunity to do something that could fail miserably, and that's kind of invigorating. The discovery that I made is that, if you are a relative journeyman, and you're going in new at something, if you are with somebody who is so experienced and so good and so in command, you just feed off that, and it just enables you to kind of relax."

But that is not what everyone wants to know. Did MacFarlane and Theron have a "thing" going, or not?

"She is not [a former girlfriend]," MacFarlane responded when asked directly. "We are the closest of friends."

Still, he admitted to a closeness with Charlize Theron that went beyond what he shares with other friends.

"You meet through a project. You have to [fall in love] to some degree, in a weird creative way," he said. "But you also don't want to be the director who's going in and dating the cast. I think she can do a lot better than me."

"You develop a closeness with cast members. That situation, to me, was something that kind of beyond all that. This is somebody I'll be friends with for life."

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