Charlize Theron Brings Gillian Flynn's "Dark Places" to Light

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Charlize Theron aims to take movie-goers on an even more satisfying trip on yet another film based on a Gillian Flynn novel.

Charlize Theron is Libby Day in Dark Places, the latest movie from the mind of Gillian Flynn, who brought Gone Girl to the world. Libby's mother and two sisters were murdered in the 1980s. Her own brother went to prison for the murders. Libby has grown up certain that her brother Ben was the murderer. But she ends up talking with a group of people who have their doubts.

The film is set in a series of flashes back and forth in time, looking at Ben as a child, Libby's mom and sisters, and the circumstances around the murders. Libby's newfound friends are true-crime aficionados. With them she uncovers some factors that lead her to reexamine all that she thought she knew.

Libby and Ben's mother is played in the flashback scenes by Christina Hendricks. As for Ben himself, he is played by Corey Stoll. Stoll caught notice when he crossed paths with Francis Underwood in Netflix's hit House of Cards. He also was in a single, but important, episode of Homeland last season.

Gillian Flynn told EW that French director Gilles Paquet-Brenner "wanted to get it so right.”

“He’s a Parisian so he’d never been anywhere in the middle of the United States. He flew to Kansas City where I’m from so I could drive him all around the countryside and everything. I made him eat Velveeta, just so he could understand. He was not happy about it.”

That leads us to an interesting fact about the film. It is set to be released in France on April 8. But there is currently no scheduled release date for here in the United States.

Theron and Christina Hendricks in the same film? Wow.

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