Charlie Sheen: Lohan Needs Help Paying Tax Debt

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Charlie Sheen is no stranger to controversy or the party life, so when he was paired with Lindsay Lohan in "Scary Movie 5", the two reportedly hit it off, no doubt bonding over a shared wild history. Lohan, who owes thousands of dollars in taxes, must have hit upon Charlie's soft spot, because he offered to cover her debt no questions asked.

Though Lohan refused at first, Sheen allegedly sent her a $100,000 check in the mail with the only stipulation being that it had to be put towards her taxes.

Though the troubled actress is said to owe around $233,904 altogether, a chunk of money like that would certainly help her whittle the debt down quickly. She's estimated to have earned close to $2 million this year, with roles in films like "The Canyons" and the Lifetime movie "Liz And Dick" (which premiered last night), but her various run-ins with the law, legal battles (jewelry heists and hit-and-runs), and outrageous hotel bills have kept her finances in a stranglehold.

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