Charlie Sheen Lashes Out At Ex Over Lawsuit, Calls Her An "Extortionist"

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Charlie Sheen has responded to a lawsuit filed by his ex-fiance and says it's simply an attempt at extorting money from him following her refusal to stick to their agreement to settle things in confidential arbitration.

Sheen, who recently went public with his HIV-positive status, said (via his attorney) that the accusations that Scottine Ross has leveled against him in the suit--including her claims that he was physically violent and forced her to have an abortion--are completely false and stem from her desire to make a cash grab. Ross also says Sheen didn't reveal his HIV-positive diagnosis to her until well after they had been sexually active together, something Sheen's attorney says that--as a porn star--Ross has exposed herself to in her line of work.

"As a porn star, Rossi has had hundreds, if not thousands of sexual partners. Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases is a risk that she knowingly and willingly accepts every time she has sex on film, and she made the same choice when it came to Sheen," Charlie Sheen's countersuit reads.

Ross said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that Sheen forced her to terminate her pregnancy last March, possibly because he was afraid he would transmit HIV to the fetus.

"He was worried that his child would become HIV-positive. I think he worried more about his secret than anything else," Ross said.

Ross hasn't commented publicly to Sheen's backlash, but a source close to her told ET that the lawsuit isn't about money, but rather about the truth behind the relationship they shared.

"She is looking forward to her day in court where she will display all of her evidence that she has spoken the truth. He knows the truth and he can't hide from it any longer. This suit has nothing to do with his condition, it has to do with his abuse he inflicted repeatedly upon her."

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